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Power Real Estate Agents was created for you, the Real Estate Agent, Realtor or Broker. If you want to be a Top Producing Real Estate Agent, Maureen Murphy delivers a Powerful Podcast. Each episode will bring you the very best Real Estate Agents in the world sharing their secret strategies to success. You will be energized with Top Real Estate Trainers and Marketing Experts. Everything you will need all in one podcast to be a Power Agent! Listen daily while you are driving to your appointments.... and you will be one step closer to becoming that Multi-Millionaire Real Estate Agent you have always dreamed of!
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Aug 28, 2015

Denny Grimes a super successful Real Estate agent in SW Florida. He and his team have sold well over half a billion dollars of real estate with an annual production of as high as 150 million.  Denny is a well respected agent with 30 years of experience. He shares the secrets to his success on this episode. Denny starts his day at 3:05 AM. He stays active by going to the gym and running marathons. He is always improving upon himself by reading books and staying on top of new technologies. He is the annual keynote speaker at The News Press Market Watch one of the largest real estate programs in the country. He has filmed with Real Estate Mogul and star of Shark Tank, Barbara Corcoran. Denny also has a regular segment on a local CBS affiliate called Real Estate Matters. Denny brings the best of both worlds. He takes the older real estate strategies along with the new for a perfect blend to enhance your skills and rock your real estate business.

Aug 21, 2015

It is all about targeting your market and bulding relationships. Alex is an optimization expert. He builds websites in South Florida. He shares valuable information on getting more clients through the internet. 90% of homebuying begins online. You need to be out there to compete in todays market. Alex shares how facebook advertising can target your area for more clients.

Aug 18, 2015

I rely on virtual assistants. The cost versus the rewards are amazing. A virtual assistant can do anything. Every agent should be prospecting at least 75% of the time. It can beon the phone, at a networking event or a family birthday. They need to be talking about the business they do and the service they provide to try to get new opportunities. A virtual assistant is an extension of that. They can make fsbo,expd, just listed and just soldcalls. Everyone on my team has their own personal virtual assistant and they just loves it.

Jeff gives a powerful interview with best tips and strategies to propel your real estate practice. He gives his favorite books that helped him skyrocket to the top.

Aug 6, 2015

Anthony shares how he left the corperate world and ventured out on his own with his website design co., Marketing Access Pass. His first website was for a real estate agent who saw results with 3 clients right away. 


Aug 5, 2015

James Harris, LA shows how working hard being persistant and thinking outside the box has made him the Power Agent that he is today. We work in a highly competitive industry and the way the market is today there is a huge demand from both buyers and sellers both domestically and internationally so if you want to succeed and seperate yourself from the rest you have to think outside of the box such as door knocking, sending out consistent newsletters and being of service to your community so you can branch off from your fellow realtors and find those properties no one has access to.

Aug 4, 2015

John shares fom his humble beginnings in Maine to becoming a top podcaster and turning his podcast business into a 7 figure income in a very short time.

John explains why every real estate agent should have their own podcast. It would give them instant credibility and stand out above the rest. They would be perceived as the market expert. 

John has an entertaining story and shares how he landed an interview with Barbara Corcoran. He also hooks us up with his #1 best selling book on How to Start a Podcast.


Aug 3, 2015

It is all about working smarter and not harder. Some people work so painstakingly hard and never get results. Being at the right restaurants and schmoozing will get you better results than staying in an office. 

Being the face of your brand and always looking and smelling fabulous.

Work the properties on a daily basis and give the people updates

Being able to speak to anyone rich, poor, educated not educated. That is something education can't teach you.

Confidence rules out everything. Knowledge of the market is powerful!