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Power Real Estate Agents was created for you, the Real Estate Agent, Realtor or Broker. If you want to be a Top Producing Real Estate Agent, Maureen Murphy delivers a Powerful Podcast. Each episode will bring you the very best Real Estate Agents in the world sharing their secret strategies to success. You will be energized with Top Real Estate Trainers and Marketing Experts. Everything you will need all in one podcast to be a Power Agent! Listen daily while you are driving to your appointments.... and you will be one step closer to becoming that Multi-Millionaire Real Estate Agent you have always dreamed of!
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Sep 25, 2015

Number one you want to assume the sale. The sale needs to take place in your mind. An example number one in your mind and number two in your language patterns. When you are talking to a seller and you are about to give your presentation you can say Mr. and Mrs. Seller now that you have chosen me as your agent what I did was I prepared a CMA for you, so I can show you how to better position your property. Notice what I have said. Now that you have chosen me as your agent, but they haven't chosen me yet. That is called assumptive language patterns.

Sep 18, 2015

Gary has a thriving real estate business that he built all on LinedIn. Gary Kissel, real estate agent, author and LinkedIn specialist gives killer tips and strategies on how to use the power of LinkedIn to build a successful real estate biz. His first suggestion is to have a dynamic profile. You can contact Gary and he will help you. LinkedIn is a powerful search engine. Gary started by putting in keywords like investors and cash buyers. He could find people that were writing about real estate and investing. This gave him a good universe that he could start connecting and doing business with. You can list all the houses that you have sold in the projects category and you can even add a quote from someone that was involved in each transaction as an endorsement. Gary has built up his very effective profile and shows it to leads and prospects. Without even needing a website this is all Gary uses to dominate the real estate market. 

Sep 11, 2015

Justin Williams explains how lucrative it is for a Real Estate agent to work with an investor. Justin has a very successful biz and top podcast HouseFlippingHQ. Justin reveals the secret to his very successful house flipping biz. If you would like to do house flipping, work with an investor or add value for your clients this is a must listen to episode. Justin also gives us inspiration on how he turned his financial life around with hard work and preseverance!

Sep 4, 2015

For the next 2 weeks everytime you walk through a door stand up straight, shoulders  back, chest out and a smile on your face. This changes your physiology. You will start doing it automatically. When you look more confident people will start treating you differently. It becomes a habit. People will start treating you like a confident person. You will gain more clients because you are showing up in life as a more attractive person. The mind follows the body and the body follows the mind.